Due to various restrictions in different national and international regulations, we don’t want to take any unnecessary legal risk by allowing residents from some jurisdictions to participate in the token swap.

Some countries have forbidden any cryptoasset related activities making it illegal for their citizens to use or any organization to provide this kind of services. Another reason is countries under international sanctions. In these cases, no matter how much we want to, we cannot provide you CNG tokens without both of us breaking the law.

Therefore citizens and residents of and persons located in Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and or the United States of America (USA), as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and any other US possessions, are prohibited from participating in the token swap.

Technical restrictions will be applied and if circumvented, there is no obligation for Change to deliver any of the benefits or the CNG tokens itself to that specific tokenholder.

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