There are several sources you can use to keep up-to-date with our progress

  • Investor page - we gather all information we deem relevant for our investors on this special web page
  • Quarterly investor reports - every quarter a presentation is done for the Community to maintain transparency about our growth, team, financials and more. You can find these on the investor page
  • Change blog - we issue regular product updates, team introductions, explorative ideas and much more on our blog
  • Change app - product updates, iterations and new features are constantly released, so using the app will enable you to be in touch on a daily basis. You can download the app from our web page
  • Support page - a list of important information and frequently asked questions can be found on our dedicated web page here
  • Telegram chat - Our Community is most active and discussions over our present and future take place here. You can access the chat using this link

Let our support team know if you have any questions 🙌 

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