🌏 The world is our mission, but the EEA is our current ability 🙏

If you're a resident or citizen of the European Economic Area then we can easily offer you an account

Citizens of the EEA:

  1. Must only upload a valid passport or ID card and...
  2. Fill in their personal details
  3. Take a selfie 

Residents of the EEA:

  1. Must upload a passport first 
  2. Next, a valid resident ID card (not a visa or passport stamp)
  3. Your personal details must be filled in as well
  4. Lastly, a selfie image will be needed

Please ensure that:

  1. Your identification matches the document type you've selected
  2. That you personal details exactly match those details on your ID
  3. You've taken photos of yourself and your ID (screenshots, copies, and scans will be declined
  4. Your documents are not expired

We have a wonderful support team available by chat and through email at [email protected] 😊

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