We are doing the swap only for the benefit of the Community, so we need your confirmation this is what you want and need. To get even more assurance than what we got from the surveys and interviews we did, we want to hold an official vote.

To make sure the Community supports this, we need more than half of the tokenholders casting their vote to agree with the swap (50% + 1 token from the total amount of tokens voted). So, starting from the 16th of September, 2019 and for exactly 3 months you have the opportunity to vote. To save time and hustle, we have included the voting in the swapping process.

In the Change app, you must first vote “Yes” or “No” to the swap. Then you can see your wallet address in the Change app, where to send your CAG. No matter if you choose “Yes” or “No”, you must send CAG to take part of the vote. Otherwise we cannot count the total votes.

Depending on the outcome:

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