We want to do it as soon as possible! We believe tokenized assets will change the securities landscape as we know it and will do everything to accelerate this progress. From political lobbying to being a good role model in cryptoasset space, we are using all our guns to create more flexibility and opportunity for exploration within the current laws and regulations.

We want to be completely honest with you - it is difficult to assess when our plans will come true, as we are limited by so many external stakeholders. The current estimate is two years, until we have our own licenses and can issue security tokens, but the industry is developing so fast, that there could be different alternative options arising every week.

Once the security tokens are ready to be issued, you will have a choice how to proceed:

  • Automatically convert all your equity-like CNG tokens to an official security token backed by equity of Change Group and become a legal shareholder with the whole firework of governance rights, voting, dividend payments and more.
  • If you do not want to become a legal shareholder, you will get back your CAG utility token for a more practical use within the Change ecosystem. Legally, this means on the background we will pay you back the CAG you have provided us through the loan contract made during the current token swap of CAG to CNG.
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