To give you similar rights as shareholders for the period until security tokens, you will be given your rights and benefits through a loan agreement between you and a new company named Change Investors, also called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which owns 40% of the shares of Change Group.

SPV is a company created to fulfill just one specific purpose (the name makes sense now, huh?). It helps to better separate and organize corporate activities, ownership structures etc. It is also very popular in crowdfunding - to enable many small investors to invest into a company without the hustle of massive separate paperwork for each person. The investors and their funds are pooled together into this new company, an SPV, created just for this goal. The SPV itself will then invest into the project company and own the underlying asset.

Might sound tricky, but for you as an investor the process is simple, you have to just download the Change app, verify yourself and request a swap for your new tokens. But it is still very important to understand the legal structure and your exact rights of owning the CNG token.

Change will incorporate an SPV for the single purpose to hold a proportion of Change Group equity. The SPV has a right to pass the CAG it gets from you to the issuer of CNG token in exchange for Change Group equity. So, as you swap your tokens, in the background you will automatically provide a loan in the form of CAG to this special purpose vehicle and it will now issue you a loan contract that you agree with by sending CAG into Change wallet and requesting to swap. The loan contract represents your rights, amongst others to receive interest payments when Change is financially successful.

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