You will get clear rights as a future shareholder that is difficult to provide with utility token.

By swapping your tokens:

  • You ultimately become a shareholder - owning equity-like CNG tokens will enable you to receive similar benefits and rights as shareholders until we can issue security tokens that make you officially a legal shareholder. You are going to truly own a part of Change alongside with thousands of other Community and team members.
  • You get legal certainty of our relationship - CNG holders will have a legal contract with Change that specifies your rights, obligations, and benefits in the opposite of the often grey promises of utility tokens.
  • You get the rights to profit - as a CNG holder you have a right to receive interest payments when Change is financially successful. The more tokens you hold, the more you will get.
  • Maintain the liquidity of cryptos - CNG token is a rare combination of legal certainty and a liquid asset that you can buy, sell or convert at all times in the Change app.
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