We believe our Community and the team deserves more certainty about the value of our token than current utility token can provide. Although utility token is a great payment method and rewarding system within Change ecosystem, we want to make sure the thousands of people supporting our growth since the beginning have clear rights and benefits through ownership of the company.

Based on a thorough legal analysis and numerous interviews with the Community members, we believe the best way to go is tying the token to the company’s equity. You being a shareholder means our interests will be aligned in the long run as everyone gets equal upside in case of our success (if Change reports high earnings, is acquired, or files for a traditional IPO). Shareholder rights also enable you to be part of the company governance like voting on our product direction or financial decisions.

For you to become a legal shareholder, Change must issue security tokens tied to the company’s equity. This process will ultimately transform Change into a proper public company with tokenized shares tradable on securities exchanges across the globe. But as the process to issue security tokens is complex and can take up to two years, we are offering an interim solution to our community as equity-like CNG tokens.

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